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Our mission is to promote fellowship, communication, education, public policy, advocacy and recognition to support the interest of the profession and hold it to the highest standard of ethical conduct and architectural practice.

UAPCAL 116 aims to educate its members about the latest advances in building methods and materials, innovative design solutions, governmental regulations and codes, and the legalities of the professional practice.


Local amendments

Adopted: 5th of June 2010

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UAPCAL 116 is one of the chapters of the United Architects of the Philippines headquartered outside the Philippines. It is a rapidly growing professional membership organization consisting of Filipino-American professionals in the Architectural and Construction Industry seeking partnership for global architecture and cultural understanding. The organization represents a majority of members in Northern California.

UAPCAL 116 is an active chapter in the United States and is the mother chapter in this part of the world. It functions as the nationwide representative and unifying body of current and future Chapters of the organization within the United States. The organization is the 9th member of the A-5 Council and is proudly sponsored by the Pasig Chapter.


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It’s Beginning and History in the Making


The restless and adventurous spirit of the Filipino Architect placing a footprint in other lands and sharing his vision of a better-built environment is an ambition to be satisfied. The growth of overseas jobs for Philippine architects gave the inspiration to create chapters of the United Architects of the Philippines abroad. The migration of Filipino architects to the United States in the last half-century is a significant mark and the desire for affinity with their colleagues left behind stays in their hearts. Thus once upon a time, here in California, several movements came about to form Chapters in competition with each other.

The beginning of the California Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines was captured in this typical struggle. With sheer dynamism and determination, this group of Philippine Architects propelled this fledgling organization to prevail led by an immigrant architect, Eduardo R. Quezon, who was elected its first President and recognized founder. Even without a formal Charter, a regal Induction of Officers followed on August 2, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Concord, California.

Then the pursuit for recognition began. Taking a trip to Manila, Architect Quezon personally took the time and effort to seek a sponsoring Chapter. That sponsorship came from the Pasig Chapter who passed a resolution of support on November 26, 2008. Eventually, on December 6, 2008 a Charter of Recognition was issued by the National Headquarters thereby assigning the chapter to Regional District Area A-5 with its official name of UAP California Chapter No. 116. It was providential that this Chapter survived a harrowing trial after more than a year of feuding in its early formation.

The succeeding year marked a stage of intense reformation. Joseph A. Palafox, both Philippine and California registered architect, as its second President understood the original purpose of the Chapter, i.e., representing the interest of UAP members away from the home country with regards to the practice of the profession and yet very aware of the difficulty of entering into the practice in the State of California. Following induction by UAP National President Ana Mangalino-Ling at the Intramuros Restaurant, South San Francisco, a flurry of initiatives ensued to be settled during the year. Conscious of its infancy and no funds, it was declared to be an austere year. The main thrust was focused on the intent of the Chapter as a “foreign” organization and its relevance to its local setting. Response to this very important issue is the writing of the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws aligned to the UAP National Constitution but supplemented by attributes and provisions adopted to local and, therefore, “foreign” condition. This objective was accomplished on June 24, 2010

The third year was still a euphoric year under the leadership of Jaime T. Maliksi, also Philippine and California registered architect, whose induction was officiated by Consul General Marciano Paynor, Jr. in Fremont Marriott Hotel. The task of refining the Chapter’s operation and to register in the State of California as a non-profit organization was arduously pursued with an Article of Incorporation drafted and submitted to the State Secretary. It was recorded on May 18, 2011. Meanwhile a serious concern of managing the growing membership in such a large territory like California loomed. A decision was made to acknowledge the problem and split the jurisdiction into a north and south independent Chapters. A resolution of endorsement was drafted on January 31, 2011 and was sent to the National Headquarters to recognize this act.

The fourth year of the Chapter’s existence finally cooled down to a more routine experience. The presidency was placed on the efficient hands of Alfredo O. Yniguez, a Chapter charter member, who was inducted by UAP National President Ramon Mendoza in Greenhills Golf & Country Club, Millbrae. During his term, the Chapter was recognized a non-profit corporation and given tax exemption both by the Federal and State agencies. Sending of architectural magazines and periodicals to the UAP Library was a program undertaken. Seminars and workshops were envisioned to be adopted as a regular monthly presentation. During this term, the General Monthly Meetings switched from lunch to breakfast and established an almost permanent venue at GG&CC, courtesy of a member.

The fifth year was a transition to a woman’s world, a manifestation of a caring hand to guide the destiny of the Chapter. Eris Ann P. Rodriguez was the fifth President, a graceful lady architect with a vision for the future. Induction was held with an elegant and savory luncheon at Fort McKinley Restaurant in South San Francisco conducted by Emerito Maulion, Past Chapter President of UAP SOCAL Chapter 130, the off-shoot chapter of UAPCAL 116, and attended by some of its members replicating a “North-South” Chapter reunion. During her administration, she initiated the Chapter’s Brainstorming Workshop that, since then, had been an annual occurrence. The aim was to have meaningful use of effort and energy to achieve the goals for the given year as well as reassess what had been done in the past. Other outreach activities were also undertaken.

The sixth year finds a traditionalist at the helm. An “old school’’ breed, Mario A. A. Veloro, UAP National charter member and, much later, of the Chapter was an odd man out trying to fit in. Induction was held at the Greenhills Golf & Country Club by UAP National President Rozzano Rosal. Trying to bring the conservative ways of Chapter administration did not augur well with the membership but likely prevailed. When Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck in the island of Leyte, luckily, he was able to rally the Chapter to donate cash to the Philippine Red Cross instead of sending goods prone to be misplaced. Talks in the architectural circles about “calamity shelter design” redound at that time and the Chapter did some efforts to conform. Two entries by Chapter members found their way to the National Convention Exhibit. The Chapter President, as the official delegate, attended the 40th NATCON event.

FY2014-2015; FY2015-2016
The succeeding two years, the first time to happen, was under the able management of another lady architect, Melissa Louise Limson-Sobrepena, an international traveler who frequently commutes between San Francisco and Manila. Initially, inducted by UAP National President Ma. Benita Regala at Greenhills Golf & Country Club, Millbrae, with the new SF Consul General Henry Bensurto, Jr. as special guest, the central theme highlighted on “Green Environment.” From the early years of the Chapter, Architect Sobrepena facilitated membership renewal to the UAP National and registration with the PRC in Manila, a great help in the Chapter’s routine administration. In her tenure, promotions of Philippine Tourism were topics of interest presented at the meetings.

FY 2016-2017; FY2017-2018
Finding precedence, a “two term” Chapter Officers’ tenure becomes the new normal. So goes the previous leadership taking a second term. Ramon I. Sanchez, a soft spoken, handson architect was inducted to office by SF Deputy Consul General Jaime Ramon Ascalon, the first time, at Greenhills Golf & Country Club, Millbrae. Vigorously working on providing scholastic financial aid to graduating architecture students in selected Philippine universities was the first priority of the Chapter in his first year. The emergence of SOMA Pilipinas, a visionary Philippine Town crafted by the City of San Francisco in a sizeable portion of the South Market Street area caught the Chapter’s fancy to dig into a city-wide effort of incorporating a distinct Filipino art and architecture motif in its redevelopment. This is the Chapter’s focal interest for now and the near future.

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Written by: Mario A. A. Veloro, CUAP,
Published: 23 July 2017

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